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Website Content Is Your Pot Of Gold

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

If you haven't found out already, a website is a vital component of your small business marketing. And website content that is valuable and informative will ensure your website succeeds in generating new traffic and converting sales. Inside is an overview of what website content you need on your website.

"Content is King"

Creating valuable, memorable and motivating content for your website is a powerful marketing tool for your small business marketing. With so much information online, it can sometimes be a chore to identify website content that is valuable to your customers.

You're probably wondering how choosing valuable website content applies to your small business marketing? You may be thinking, "but I run a home based business – aren't I too small for this to have an impact on me?" Sadly, you'd be mistaken! Before we get into the importance of website content on your small business marketing, let's take a look at how the internet is changing the face of media and what this means for you.

Death To The Golden Age Of Media

Traditional media is gasping for breath -- bleeding out on a cold, lonely street corner in cities across the country. The once mighty television networks are pumping out reality show after reality show, desperately trying to get a pulse. And newspapers are being crushed to death by the sheer volume of free information online. Who wants to buy a newspaper when you can log onto your favorite news website and get the same information, more conveniently, and for free. And in the same vein, who wants to watch their favorite TV show when the network dictates, when you can watch it online for free, whenever you want?

Media Fragmentation And Its Affect On Website Content

The dawn of the digital age has produced an overthrow of the traditional ruling media. Communication is becoming increasingly more fragmented. If you have a teenager, watch them for a moment. They're a perfect example of what's coming for new media. Teenagers don't watch the nightly newscast; they keep up with the world through their favorite Blogs and websites, and streaming video on their smart phones. And for us older folks, it's mind boggling to watch a teenager simultaneously surfing the web, while watching a cable TV program, while talking on their cell, while texting a friend. That is a perfect example of just how fragmented media has become!

Customize Your Website Content To Your Audience

In order to produce relevant website content, consider how media fragmentation plays a role in your small business marketing. A one size fits all approach for writing and producing website content just doesn't fly anymore. Segment your customers by industry, wants and needs, and by demographics. Then target each market with website content that appeals directly to those visitors. Given the ability of your small business website to generate dynamic, custom web pages on the fly, it's easier than ever to create customized website content.

Your ability to mold and adapt your small business marketing with custom website content is the golden goose at the heart of a successful small business website. For e-commerce sites selling products online, your content is a great marketing tool for converting more sales and decreasing shopping cart abandonment. And for services businesses, potential customers will be better educated about and waste less time during your initial consultation.

So what type of website content should form the backbone of your online small business marketing? Although service-based businesses differ slightly than those selling products, but there are some common threads.

Website Content As A Marketing Tool

Customers and potential customers will want to know and understand any kind of technical lingo, or industry-specific terminology. Customers will also eat up website content that helps them make an informed purchase, such as: product reviews, features and benefits overviews, reports and white papers, ROI calculations, user manuals for products, news clippings and customer testimonials. Customers will also want to know what they can expect when buying from you; your billing practices and terms, shipping details, and your return policies or guarantees.

In this day and age with the continuing march toward media fragmentation, the key to successful small business marketing on the web is through valuable website content. Produce custom content that provides answers to the questions your customers have. Focus on the customer's needs. Help them understand how your products and services will benefit them. In turn, your small business website will transform into a powerful marketing tool for building rapport, winning new business and improving customer relationships.


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