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Online Visibility with TaskTiger Designs and New Jersey SEO

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Online Visibility

What is SEO Visibility?

Simply put, SEO Online Visibility is the total percentage of potential clicks or traffic that your website may receive when a particular keyword appears in an organic search.

And a lot of that percentage depends on how you rank in search engine results pages compared to your competitors.

It’s an important metric and a way of representing how visible your website is in organic search results whenever a relatable query is entered.

You won't be found, your conversion rate will drop, and your income will suffer without it.

Ways to Boost Search Engine Visibility

Take note of the advice provided and remember to put it into practice.

Optimize Existing Content

Optimize your existing content with more relevant keywords.

Begin by researching potential keywords, identifying those that have a high search engine ranking, and comparing the results to the content you currently have.

From there, optimize accordingly.

Update Evergreen Content

By adding new titles or revising the publication date, you can maintain the value of your evergreen content.

This can increase visibility by informing search engine algorithms that you are producing new content.

Additionally, you can update or rework your evergreen content to improve click-through rates (CTRs) and raise your SERP ranking.

Focus on Long-tail Keywords

Long tail keywords

Determine which strategic long-tail keywords to target. Choose the ones where there is less competition and build your content around them with more helpful information than is available at the moment.

Increase the Amount of High-Quality Content

Increase your authority and trustworthiness by providing more top-notch content.

Using educational pillar pages and long-form content, establish yourself as the authority on a particular subject. Additionally, post new content frequently and always keep search intent in mind when creating any kind of content.

Search engines will take notice of your content and index your webpages as a result.

Add More Engaging Multimedia

SEO online visibility

To boost user engagement, review your content marketing plan and look for ways to incorporate or add more multimedia content to your website.

Various forms of captivating content will draw more users to your website and lengthen their stay, which will reduce your bounce rate.

You can achieve this by adding:

  • Videos include product demos, customer testimonials, and explainer videos.

  • Infographics that simplify complex ideas and give the text a visual component.

  • interactive materials, such as surveys, calculators, eBooks, and other downloadable goods.

  • Podcasts

Visitors to your website will stay longer if the content is interesting.

In turn, Google will utilize such factors as dwell time and bounce rate in their machine learning algorithms.

The longer users stay on your website, the more evidence Google receives that the content is valuable, relevant, and meets searchers' intent.

Compose Better Meta Tags

Search engines are drawn to the descriptive text found in meta tags.

Better ones should be written and optimized, along with your meta title and meta description, to improve your visibility.

The meta description, which can entice readers to click and visit your website for more details and the solution to their question, appears directly beneath your title in search results.

These meta tags can raise engagement and your overall CTR once they are optimized.

Consider Adding More Internal Links

SEO link building

Include internal links to help visitors navigate between pages on your website. Your ability to rank higher may improve as a result of this action.

However, exercise caution when adding an excessive number of internal links to one page.

Build a Backlinking Strategy

Increase the number of backlinks from high-authority, relevant websites. This will alert Google that you are offering authoritative content to readers.

You can accomplish this in a number of ways, including:

  • Guest posting to other high-quality websites.

  • Building relationships with influencers.

  • Increasing social media marketing efforts.

The secret to a successful backlinking strategy is to establish connections with other reliable, authoritative websites.

Check for Keyword Cannibalization

Check your keyword strategy to see if the same keywords are being optimized for multiple webpages. Your pages will become more competitive as a result, which could lower your SERP rankings.

Review Page Loading Speeds

Check the speed at which your pages load to make sure that visitors have a positive experience.

You can boost dwell time, improve user engagement, and increase the likelihood of conversions with the fastest possible page loads.

Expand for Google’s SERP Features

To learn more about how to utilize or enhance Google's SERP features, go to:

  • Optimizing for rich snippets.

  • To increase crawlability, include a site link outline (e.g., add a linking table of contents).

  • Make sure your on-page content is optimized to answer the "people also ask" and "frequently asked questions" sections.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

SEO Mobile Friendly

Your website must be responsive to mobile devices given the increasing number of customers who use their phones to look up information these days.

This will enhance not only the user experience but also your visibility because Google is prioritizing mobile-first indexing.

How to Fix Search Visibility Loss?

It's time to find out why you're not getting as much organic traffic to your website as you used to, and to take action to make some momentum.

Here are some solutions for lost search visibility.

1. Check for Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Google proficiently updates its search engine algorithms on a regular basis, potentially up to 500 or 600 times a year.

That’s a lot of updates to keep track of!

Some, like core updates (1-2 times a year), can have a significant impact on your SEO visibility, while many are insignificant and have no bearing at all.

Stay up-to-date and aware of all search engine algorithm updates to improve or retain your SEO visibility.

2. Find and Fix Any Technical Problems

Unknown technical problems could cause your SEO visibility to drop.

One of these might be that a Google bot is unable to access your website because a server is unavailable. In addition to facing penalties from Google, excessive server outages can have a negative impact on your visibility.

One more concern is the application of a canonical tag. This tag gives Google important information by informing it about which version of the page to index and show in search engine results.

Updates to your website's software may have an impact on different settings or cause incompatibilities.

And last, a redesigned website that isn't optimized may result in altered internal links, the removal of pages, changes to the URL structure, and more.

3. Determine if Hosting Issues Exist

Hosting problems could be the reason if you're having trouble understanding or identifying SEO issues. Make contact with your host and inquire about any events that might have an immediate impact on you.

4. Discover What Your Rivals Are Up To

Even if your website has done everything correctly, the competition may have increased their optimization efforts to increase their own SEO visibility, which would account for your loss in visibility.

Take the following actions to find out how a rival outperformed you in search visibility:

  • Review your top competitors’ websites.

  • Examine the most recent content—which might be freshly released or previously published content that has been modified or repurposed—to see if it helped them rank higher.

  • Determine where any new links occur.

Enhance your own content offerings by taking note of the information gathered from the competitive analysis.

5. Reconsider Featured Snippets

Viewers may be drawn in by a featured snippet, even if you are now at the top of search results, and you will get less interaction.

For this reason, concentrate on creating a featured snippet for your content.

6. Examine Lost Backlinks

Check to see if you have any lost backlinks to reputable websites or influential people.

If so, get in touch with those websites or influencers and inquire about the backlinks. You can learn a lot about the reasons behind the backlink loss and whether it was lost to a rival website.

Restart establishing those connections and producing content that is pertinent, of high quality, and valuable to readers.

Conclusion: Boost Your Online Visibility to Get More Clicks and Conversions

In addition to being stressful and upsetting for you financially, seeing a decline in website traffic and search engine rankings can be discouraging.

The issue can be a decline in your SEO visibility. You must examine the causes of the visibility loss and determine the most effective solutions in order to recover your position of prominence.

Regularly reviewing your overall SEO strategy will be beneficial in multiple ways, as it will be crucial to your success in terms of rankings, conversions, and revenue growth.

Take our SEO Assessment now to learn where you stand with your strategy and how to make improvements.

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