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TaskTiger Designs offers specialized services ranging from web development and search engine optimization to brand building, logo design, graphic design, and copywriting. Our curated in-house team is highly effective and experienced in their respective fields which will leave you with innovative strategies and recognizable results.

UX Design

User experience makes all the difference between good products and great ones.

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UX Design


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Logo Design

Flyers Design

Visual Identity

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Just like building a house, we take your needs and desires into consideration when building your website. This ensures that you are happy with what's been created for years after its completion! Here is what it looks like at a high level: 

Building Layout Blueprint
Discovery & Strategy

We analyze user data, examine the market, evaluate the competitors, and create a strategy.

Wireframes & Flows

Setting up a user-friendly navigation system and a clear hierarchy of the material will help you get off to a good start.

Hi-Fidelity & Visuals

Wireframes are transformed into high-definition screens using visual design and brand guidelines to produce a compelling experience.

Motion & Handoff

It's time for polished screens that are full of character and life. To make it simple for you to develop your future, we also produce a UI kit.

We have a variety of services to offer, depending on the client's needs.. Feel that tingling in your fingertips?

What Our Clients Say

Johnny from Silverback Funds.

TaskTiger Designs is a creative design house with an eye-catching sense of style. From our first meeting to the final product, they have been able to take ideas from the beginning and transform them into polished deliverables that meet all requirements while maintaining branding integrity throughout each step in the process! When it comes down right now which company best suits your needs? Choose Task Tiger Designs

John T.
Funding Group

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